The Villa "Le Roc Fleury" is a touristic place open to the public and located near the "Principauté de Monaco" in the Cap-d’ail district.

- It is one of the oldest "house" of Cap d’Ail district with its typical architecture of the 1900’s Italian inspired.

- It holds a pleasant and shaded area around local vegetation and nonagenerian palm-trees

- Wonderfull point of view on the mediterranean sea, Greta Garbo’s villa and the "Cap Ferrat" tip.

- It annually hosts major cultural events with concerts and exhibitions.

- It is also a remarkable holiday destination, ideal for concerts, exhibitions, available for private hire.

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Opening 2019, it’s coming soon Opening 2019 at the Villa is coming soon... (...)

No-made 2017 on Monaco channel Watch the TV Report (in french)

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